Monarch Regalia's new
Daimyō Gyōretsu or “Procession of the Lords”

Yes, you read that correctly!  There are new figures from Monarch.  The procession has begun with the following pieces.  As you've come to expect from Monarch, these are among the finest figures you will find.
Here is a description of the procession and its historical beginning provided by Pongchai of Monarch Regalia

Sankin-kōtai (The Tokugawa established a system called Sankin-kōtai (alternative attendance), by which the Daimyō of every han (fief) were required to move periodically between Edo and his han, typically spending alternate years in each place. When the Daimyō returned to his han, he was required to leave his wife and children in Edo as guest of state –actually as hostages. The expenditures necessary to maintain lavish residences in both places, and for the procession to and from Edo, placed financial strains on the Daimyō making them unable to wage war. A contingent of warriors accompanied the Daimyō on the processions to and from Edo, and an institution specified how many the Daimyō were required to bring with them to Edo, based on the income of their fiefs. The typical entourage of retainers - warriors, aides and servants - ranged from 200 to 350 people. Such processions of the richest of the lords could comprise from a few hundred to 2,000 retainers or more.
The processions of the Daimyō and their entourages to and from Edo came to be known as Daimyō Gyōretsu or “Processions of the Lords.”




If you're like me you know next to nothing about samurai or medieval Japan.  But the wonderful thing about historical miniatures of any type is the interest they can spark and the desire for knowledge they can excite.   Once I found the wonderful Monarch range of samurai, I had to learn something about this period other than what I had gleaned from Kurasawa movies!  Well, the following books are wonderful helps.  I hope you enjoy them.

samuraihc.jpg (31676 bytes)
Samurai: the World of the Warrior
This beautiful hardcover book covers all aspects of the samurai, not just the battles and uniforms.  Many illustrations, photographs, etc.
hardcover 224 pgs.
$29.95  $25.00
sekigahara.jpg (25435 bytes)
Sekegihara 1600
(Campaign series 40)
This volume details the battle that would ultimately settle the centuries of internal struggle and would lead the victorious Tokugawa Ieyasu to the title of Shogun.  This is the battle that is the basis for the Monarch samurai line.
softcover $18.95 $16.00
samuraiheraldry.jpg (24538 bytes)
Samurai Heraldry
(Elite series 82)
One of the neatest things about the samurai figures is all of the colorful banners.   This volume will help explain the different types and how they were used and understood.
softcover $16.95  $15.00
samuraiarmies.jpg (29152 bytes)
Samurai Armies 1550-1615
(Men-at-Arms series 86)
This book gives many interesting looks into the Samurai armies, including battle formations and the makeup of the armies.
softcover $14.95  $13.00
samuraiwarrior.jpg (28992 bytes)
Samurai 1550-1600
(Warrior series 7)
This title details the culture, weapons, armour and training of the elite samurai warrior class in the Age of Battles period of 1550-1600.  Great Angus McBride illustrations.
softcover $16.95  $15.00
ashigaru.jpg (32067 bytes)
Ashigaru 1467-1649
(Warrior series 29)
Like Samurai 1550-1600, this title goes into the specific weaponry, clothing, armour, etc. but this time of the common foot soldier, the ashigaru.
softcover  $16.95  $15.00
samuraielite.jpg (20529 bytes)
The Samurai
(Elite series 23)
Overview of samurai from their beginnings through various wars and periods including detail of arms and armor.  Great Angus McBride illustrations.
softcover $16.95  $15.00

Civil War

catalog acw.jpg (24805 bytes)
Illustrated Catalog of Civil War Military Goods
A complete reprint of Schuyler, Hartley & Graham Comapny's catalog of Civil War goods from 1864.  Full of detailed illustrations of equipment: swords, arms, spurs, clothing, buttons, medals etc.  A wonderful resource.
226 illus. Softcover 160pp.
uniforms us army.jpg (32068 bytes)
Uniforms of the United States Army1774-1889, in Full Color
H.A. Ogden
44 color lithographs depicting unirforms of various branches of the service from fatigues to full dress. 
44 color plates.
Softcover 48pp.
Forbesetchings.jpg (35618 bytes)
Civil War Etchings
Edwin Forbes
Forbes was an illustrator for Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper and covered the Army of the Potomac from 1862-1864. 
43 full-page illustrations.
Softcover 96pp.
gardner.jpg (47576 bytes)
Photographic Sketchbook of the Civil War
Alexander Gardner
This is a republication of the original 1866 volume of photos.  Many classic shots.
softcover 224pp. 
Forbesetchings.jpg (35618 bytes)
Civil War Etchings
Edwin Forbes
Forbes was an illustrator for Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper and covered the Army of the Potomac from 1862-1864. 
43 full-page illustrations.
Softcover 96pp.


toycatalog.jpg (75864 bytes)
Collectible Toys and Games of the Twenties and Thirties from the Sears Catalogs
Ed. James Spero
The name says it: 124 pages of catalog page reprints.  Great stuff!
softcover   $12.95
encycl-of-battles.jpg (50170 bytes)
Encyclopedia of Battles
David Eggenberger
This is a great one-volume encyclopedia of history's battles.
99 b&w maps, softcover 544pp.


brasseyww1.jpg (23698 bytes)
World War One German Army
(Brassey's History of Uniforms series)
A thorough analysis of the uniforms, weapons and equipment employed by German forces between 1914 and 1918.  Over 150 b/w and color photos.
Hardcover 144pp.
$29.95  $20.00
scytheoffire.jpg (35020 bytes)
A Scythe of Fire: A Civil War Story of the Eighth Georgia Infantry
Warren Wilkinson & Steven E. Woodworth
Tells the story of the 8th Georgia Infantry that held together through long years of victory, defeat, despair, and death, from the Civil War's opening salvo to the Confederate surrender.
Hardcover 340pp.
$27.95 $15.00
marx.jpg (54546 bytes)
Marx Toys Sampler: a History and Price Guide
Michelle L. Smith
The name again says it all!
published at $26.95