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Confederate Infantry In Action

29th Alabama

CHG29T2.JPG (73940 bytes)
Part of the Army of Tennessee, this unit saw plenty of action, including Atlanta and Franklin.  Uniforms are mostly grey with occasional touches of butternut. They wear kepis and have dark blue cuffs and collars.   Of course, they could represent other units in the Army of Tennessee.
TT355a 29th Alabama, firing
     5 pcs. -- $105.00             
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TT355b 29th Alabama, mixed firing
     5 pcs. -- $105.00             
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TT355c 29th Alabama, wounded
     2 pcs. -- $42.00             
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TT355d 29th Alabama, charging right shoulder  5 pcs. --$105.00        add to cart

TT355e 29th Alabama, charging
      5 pcs. --105.00               add to cart

TT355f 29th Alabama, charging mixed set
      5 pcs. --$105.00              add to cart
TT355g  29th Alabama  individual, charging   1 pc. -- $22.00  add to cart
29thkneel.jpg (55492 bytes)
TT355h 29th Alabama kneeling firing, 5 pcs. - $105.00  add to cart
TT355i  29th Alabama kneeling firing - mixed set - 5 pcs. $105.00  add to cart

8th Georgia

8THCHG1.JPG (54658 bytes)

Starting at Manassas, the 8th were at most of the major scraps in the East. Here they wear mixed grey and butternut uniforms and slouch hats.
TT356a 8th Georgia, firing  5 pcs. -- $105.00
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TT356b 8th Georgia, mixed firing  5 pcs. -- $105.00
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TT356c 8th Georgia, wounded 2  pcs. -- $42.00
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TT356d 8th Georgia. charging right shoulder
    5 pcs. -- $105.00                   add to cart

TT356e 8th Georgia, charging
    5 pcs. -- $105.00                        
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TT356f 8th Georgia, charging mixed set
    5 pcs. -- $105.00                        
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TT356g  8th Georgia individual, charging  1 pc. -- $22.00
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8thkneel.jpg (61109 bytes)
TT356h 8th Georgia kneeling firing,  5 pcs. - $105.00  add to cart
TT356i  8th Georgia kneeling firing - mixed set,  5 pcs.  - $105.00  add to cart

Click on the thumbnails for more photos

8THCHG3.JPG (52865 bytes)

8THCHG~2.JPG (80813 bytes)

tedtoy 021.jpg (53904 bytes)

tedtoy 018.jpg (46623 bytes)

tedtoy 020.jpg (54800 bytes)

CONFIN.JPG (26133 bytes)

Individual Confederate

There has always been a shortage of individual TEDTOY figures.  This is an attempt to start remedying that problem!  This reb is charging ahead, pointing the way.  He comes in either right shoulder or at the trail (please specify if the pose a difference to you.)
Available as:
TT355g   29th Alabama     $22.00
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TT356g   8th Georgia         $22.00
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These troops are running at the trail and represent the confederate soldier as he was often attired and equipped. Some are giving the rebel yell, some are in kepis and some in slouch hats - all are in variously colored pants, shirts and blanket rolls.

TT350 Butternuts running at the trail
5 pcs. -- $105.00
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confofficerkepi.jpg (13934 bytes)
Confederate officer with kepi
TT352c  $22.00
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confofficerslouch.jpg (21116 bytes)
Confederate officer with slouch hat
TT352d  $22.00
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1 pc. - $40.00

TT351a 1st National Flag 
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TT351b Western Confederate Battleflag  add to cart

TT351c Eastern Confederate Battleflagadd to cart

TT351e Polk's Corps
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TT351f Van Dorn Pattern
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The Stainless Banner

The Flag Act of 1863 made the 2nd National flag the official flag of the Confederate States of America.  The reason for the change was that the old 1st National, the "stars and bars," was easily confused on the battlefield with the stars and stripes of the Union.  This new national flag had the confederate battleflag as its canton on a stainless white field.  Thus the nickname of the "stainless banner."
TT351g   2nd National flagbearer      $40.00
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FLAG.JPG (57338 bytes)

KYFLAG.JPG (23062 bytes)

Flag of the 1st Kentucky Regt.

The latest TEDTOY flag is this 1st Kentucky flag.  Their flag was patterned after the Ist National flag of the Confederacy with six-pointed stars and, of course, "KENTUCKY" boldly across the the middle bar. 
TT351h1 pc. in signed wooden box     $40.00
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4thkyflag.jpg (33032 bytes)

Orphan Brigade

TT351i  Flagbearer for the 4th Kentucky Infantry
(part of the famous Orphan Brigade)
1 pc.  $40.00
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Artillery in Action

This set features the crew of a 12pdr. Napoleon captured as if time had stopped at the absolute moment of the gun's firing. As the sergeant barks the command to fire the lanyard is pulled sending forth a blast of fire and smoke from the muzzle. The two other crew members pull back from the gun's recoil and cover their ears from the roar.

Set includes 4 figures and cannon with removeable muzzle blast, handspike, and sponge bucket.

Available as:
TT320a Union --$120.00 
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TT320b Confederate -- $120.00 
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