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Union Infantry In Action

The Iron Brigade was comprised of Wisconsin, Indiana and Michigan units. It was one of the most famous units of the war easily recognizable for its distinctive uniform of frock coat, Hardee hat and gaiters.

TT360 Iron Brigade, kneeling firing
5 pcs. -- $105.00  add to cart

TT360a Iron Brigade, standing firing
5 pcs. -- $105.00  add to cart

TT360b Iron Brigade, standing firing, mixed set* 5 pcs. -- $105.00  add to cart

TT360c Iron Brigade, standing firing, wounded
2 pcs. -- $42.00
add to cart
TT361 Iron Brigade, Officer & flag bearer
2 pcs. -- $60.00  add to cart

TT362a Iron Brigade, charging
5 pcs. -- $105.00  add to cart

TT362b Iron Brigade, charging, mixed set*
5 pcs. -- $105.00  add to cart

TT362c Iron Brigade, charging, wounded
2 pcs. -- $42.00  add to cart


Grey pants, green cuffs and collars, and red Corps Badge shamrocks on their kepis identify this famous unit from the Army of the Potomac.

TT363a Irish Brigade, standing firing
5 pcs. -- $105.00  add to cart

TT363b Irish Brigade, mixed firing*
5 pcs. -- $105.00  add to cart

TT363c Irish Brigade, wounded
2 pcs. -- $42.00  add to cart
IRISHC~1.JPG (73848 bytes)

TT363d  charging, right shoulder, 5 pcs. --$105.00             add to cart

TT363e  charging, 5 pcs. -- $105.00                           add to cart

TT363f  charging, mixed set, 5 pcs. -- $105.00              add to cart

TT363g  charging, individual, 1 pc. -- $22.00   
                                  add to cart
irishkneelmix.jpg (27723 bytes)

  TT363h  kneeling firing
    5 pcs. -- $105.00  add to cart

  TT363i   kneeling firing, mixed set
    5 pcs. -- $105.00  add to cart


These are the rough and ready soldiers of the western theatre - those who fought with Grant and marched with Sherman. Black slouch hats, the occasional blanket roll and pants tucked into socks mark these "bummers".

TT364a Western Troops, standing firing
5 pcs. -- 105.00  add to cart

TT364b Western Troops, mixed firing*
5 pcs. -- $105.00  add to cart

TT364c Western Troops, wounded
2 pcs. -- $42.00  add to cart


They were officially formed by Col. Hiram Berdan as the 1st & 2nd U.S. Sharpshooters. Armed with their trusty Sharps breechloaders, these soldiers certainly proved themselved time and again. They wore a regulation frock coat in dark rifle green, dark green pants and kepis. Their equipment, besides the usual, consisted of the 1859 Sharps rifle and a fur-covered "Prussian" backpack.

TT365 Berdan's Sharpshooters, firing
(2 kneeling, 3 standing firing)
5 pcs. -- $105.00
add to cart

minncut.gif (10669 bytes)


      Their fame (and many of their number) lies the in the wheatfield where during the second day's fighting at Gettysburg, they were ordered by Hancock to save the day.  And they did...by charging furiously with fixed bayonets - just their understrength regiment, all 262 of them - against a full Confederate brigade!   The fury and desperation of their attack stopped the rebs long enough for more numerous reinforcements to arrive and secure the Union line.  At the end of their fighting, only 47 of the 1st Minnesotans remained fit for combat.
     The full range of figures is available, from standing and firing to all the varieties of charging poses. 
Available as:
TT366a  standing firing     5 pcs. -- $105.00  add to cart

TT366b  standing firing, mixed set*    5 pcs. -- $105.00  add to cart

TT366c  standing firing, wounded     2 pcs. -- $42.00  add to cart

TT366d  charging, right shoulder     5 pcs. -- $105.00add to cart

TT366e  charging     5 pcs. -- 105.00  add to cart

TT366f  charging, mixed set     5 pcs. -- $105.00  add to cart

TT366g  charging, individual  1 pc. -- $22.00  add to cart

TT366h  kneeling firing   5 pcs. -- 105.00  add to cart

TT366i  kneeling firing, mixed set  5 pcs. -- $105.00  add to cart
Click on the thumbnails below for more views.

MINNCHG.JPG (62764 bytes)

MINN-F~1.JPG (20519 bytes)

minnkneelmix.jpg (33283 bytes)


Copy of wpe19E.tmp.jpg (33184 bytes)
The black units that fought so bravely in the Civil War are here represented by that most famous of regiments, the 54th Mass.  We offer them in the following configurations:
TT367a standing firing, 5 pcs  $105.00  add to cart

TT367b standing firing, mixed set, 5 pcs  $105.00 
                                                      add to cart

TT367d charging, right shoulder, 5 pcs  $105.00
                                                      add to cart
TT367e charging, 5 pcs  $105.00        
                                                                       add to cart
TT367f charging mixed set, 5 pcs  $105.00   add to cart

TT367g charging individual, 1 pc  $22.00     add to cart

TT367h kneeling firing, 5 pcs  $105.00       add to cart

TT367i kneeling firing, mixed set, 5 pcs  $105.00                                                              add to cart

54thmasssfmix.jpg (38901 bytes)

54thmasskneel.jpg (38821 bytes)

* mixed firing sets consist of 3 standing firing and 2 different loading figures. ** mixed charging sets consist of 3 right shoulder and 2 at trail holding their hats.

unionoff1.jpg (20226 bytes)
Union officer with kepi
TT361a  $22.00
add to cart
unionoff2.jpg (22313 bytes)
Union officer with Hardee hat
TT361b  $22.00
add to cart
unionoff3.jpg (21143 bytes)
Union officer with slouch hat
TT361c  $22.00
add to cart

This set features the crew of a 12pdr. Napoleon captured as if time had stopped at the absolute moment of the gun's firing. As the sergeant barks the command to fire the lanyard is pulled sending forth a blast of fire and smoke from the muzzle. The two other crew members pull back from the gun's recoil and cover their ears from the roar.

Set includes 4 figures and cannon with removeable muzzle blast, handspike, and sponge bucket.

Available as:
TT320a Union --$120.00add to cart

TT320b Confederate -- $120.00
add to cart

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